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Building a Fashion Budget

Most women love to buy great clothes and shoes but simply do not have the money. Fortunately there are many ways to shop with a budget that can still leave you looking great. The first step is to know exactly what this budget is. Before you take that trip to the mall or start shopping online you need to have a clear amount that you can spend after making sure all your other finances are properly covered.

Your budget should consist of different categories. You may need to spend more on work clothes then your every day wear. Also do not forget to budget in any formal wear you may need. Shoes are going to be one of the categories that most women need to rein in. Once you have set your budget do not go over it, not matter how cute those shoes are. When there is money left over you should save it and then every so often use part of the extra for those must have but don't need items. Then keep the rest for clothing emergency and special events you did not see coming like a wedding.

Of course designer labels are going to be the most expensive. If you are on a fashion budget you need to focus on the quality of the clothing you buy not the name brand. The better quality you have the longer your clothes will last and the less you will have to spend over all. To satisfy your fashion urges for designer labels you can invest in some core pieces that can then be accessorized and added to with less expensive items.

Always be on the lookout for coupons and deals not only in your local paper but on the internet as well. When new lines come out many designers will give a discount for a short period of time to get them out into the public so be sure to watch for these. Throughout the year stores will have storewide clearance sales to get rid of old stock and make room for new. They want to get rid of them quickly so they will mark them down considerably. Just remember to act fast to get the best options and selections of sizes. This is especially true if you are a size 8 to a size 12 because these will have in the highest demand and go the fastest.

Also remember to first focus on what you need, not what you want. Something being on sale is not really a savings if you do not really need it. Make a list of what you have and what you need, then keep to this list when shopping. Do not go strolling through the mall window shopping unless you leave your money and credit cards inaccessible. If you happen to run across a great deal, the time it will take to retrieve your payment method will allow you to decide if it is worth the trouble of returning. If you really need it then you will and if not then the money will be saved.