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Cure Under Eye Bags - Terrific Strategies And Tips

A lot of people consider dark circles under the eyes to be a visible indication of not getting enough regular sleep but there are a few individuals who have this condition even when they have been sleeping well. People who are prone to this condition need to know what causes the darkening skin and then they can consider how to remove dark circles under their eyes. Advancing age and heredity can both be crucial factors in having skin which shows black circles easily. At times, these dark circles are also attributable to some natural causes.

Some people are born with skin which may be thinner around the eye area and more translucent. This means that black circles are more easily observed on their skin. Age could also play a part because when the body gets older it stops producing as much collagen and the skin loses its elasticity. This makes the skin around the eyes get thinner and stretch out so that dark circles become more obvious. Needless to say, being tired also causes the problem and if that is the case and you are wondering how to get rid of dark circles, you really should try to get more sleep on a regular basis.

Many types of allergies could cause black circles to form beneath the eyes. Allergies to environmental factors like smoke or dust, food allergic reactions and seasonal hay fever type allergies can all exasperate the condition. Fluid retention within your body is another major cause for dark circles and it could happen owing to factors such as diet, hormonal variations, lack of physical activity, too much salt and alcohol. However, it might indicate more serious conditions like hypertension. Anemia is a medical condition caused by deficiency of hemoglobin and this too can cause those dark circles under the eyes.

How to remove dark circles that form beneath your eyes in a holistic and all-natural way is something you should know. These all-natural therapies are inexpensive and can be easily carried out at home. They all will help to tone down or eliminate the circles under your eyes but some might work best for your particular problem. If you are well rested and still have dark circles you should place an ice pack on your eyes. This would lessen any swelling and even the discoloration. You can even use black tea bags as an effective eye pack.

A traditional treatment for obscure circles beneath the eyes is to put fresh slices of cucumbers over the affected area in order to help hydrate and tighten the skin. A necessary vitamin for overall health and one which could help eliminate black circles is vitamin K. It is available in supplement form and also from eating lots of leafy, green vegetables. In certain countries massaging around the eye area with almond oil is actually a traditional folk therapy for black circles. A soothing and refreshing eye pack could be prepared out of crushed mint leaves and this when applied over the eye for about 20 minutes, can help to reduce obscure circles.