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The Importance of 'Leveling Feet'

The performance of some of the machineries, furniture etc in the office or factories or even in the homes requires that the machineries should be on a leveled surface. Dining table for example should be kept on a level surface and otherwise it may create embarrassing situation when people are taking food. It may so happen that in some homes or industrial houses, the flooring may not have been properly laid which may result in uneven surface. In such cases, ''Leveling Feet'' will be of great help which helps to keep the machine on a uniform surface.

What it is made up of?

'Leveling Feet' makes the machine vibration free. Now days this accessory is provided for many machineries and even for furniture like showcase, dining tables and cots etc. The 'Leveling Feet' is securely fixed to a hard steel base. This base in turn in fixed to a hardened steel stud. The stud has threads to which two or three nuts are provided which helps to fix the level. The stud in turn has a hard bracket which is attached to the base of the machine or furniture.

The 'Leveling Feet' is normally made up of hard nylon or high quality soft rubber. Some specialized machines also provide for 'wire rope isolators'. However, it is generally suggested that instruments or furniture which are moved frequently should be provided with nylon 'Leveling Feet'. Further, nylon is self lubricating in nature and even if the machinery or furniture is kept for a long time the floor does not get spoiled.

Some of the 'Leveling Feet' are provided with special glides etc. They are used for specialized heavy machinery. Installation and adjustment are normally made by qualified technicians. However, 'Feet' provided for furniture or smaller machineries can be adjusted by hand and it may not require the help of a technician.

'Leveling Feet' holds the machine securely to the ground. It makes the machinery vibration free. It also helps to keep the floor clean because it would be easy to clean the floor underneath the machine. This gadget is available in different sizes and designs. This gadget is available with attractive finish like chromium plated finish etc. Normally, the manufacturer of the machinery would provide 'Leveling Feet' of appropriate design. If it is not so, then depending on the ground reality the technicians will suggest the type of 'Feet' to be installed.